My cakes and icing are made from scratch; I use a family recipe that my mom handed down to me. She has been in the cake business for over 20 years and has been giving me lessons over the past couple. I am always excited to try something new! Do not hesitate to text, call, or e-mail me with any questions.


Pound Cake – Vanilla, Chocolate, Marbled (both)

Cupcakes – Vanilla, Chocolate

Icing – Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream, Fudge (extra cost)

Prices & Serving Amounts

9×13 sheet cake – $20 – serves ~20-25

6 inch round or square– $15 – serves ~10-12

8 inch round or square – $20 – serves ~15

10 inch round or square – $30 – serves ~23

For tiered cakes add up each cake you would like. If you want 2 tiered with a 8in and 6in cake it would be $35.

If you want 3 layers or more the price starts at $2.50 per slice. These cakes must be delivered, so there may be a charge for distance.


If ordering a dozen or less – $1 each

If ordering 13 or more – 85¢ each

Prices may vary depending on the difficulty of the design you choose on cakes or cupcakes.

Other Cakes

IMG_3455Red Velvet – 8″ round – $30

CoconutcakeCoconut Cake – 8″ round – $30

CakeGerman Chocolate —  6″ round – $25   — 8″ round – $35


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